Pots on Broadway, December 2021

American Legion Post 56 Auxiliary participated with the Pots on Broadway Chamber of Commerce Main Street Program December 9th

Hospice Visit, December 2021

The Hospice Pool Tournament took place at the American Legion Post 56 on Dec 10-12th. Hundreds attended the tournament and raised money for the local hospice facility that will help cover the expenses of the hospice services rendered to our local service areas

Poinsettia, November 2021

Sue Allen, Bill Koza, Diane Shaunce, Les Shaunce, Lowell Peterson, Sid Troutner, Lynn Koza, Albert Allen (left to right)

Commemorative Coins, November 2021

The Albert Lea Riders Post 56 distributed custom-made commemorative coins to the local area nursing home veterans and spouses of veterans. This is a yearly event the Riders have done the past several years.

2020 Legionnaire of the Year Albert Allen

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